Giving Back to the Community

There is always something fun going on at our practice!

Dr. Rouch and our team members believe in giving back and supporting the wonderful Austin community that so graciously supports our practice. We strive to get our patient family involved in our projects when we undertake these endeavors: the rewards from all of us working together are much greater than we could ever achieve alone!

On three separate occasions we have been involved in providing housing for the less fortunate. We have worked with the homeless and working poor to help provide a mobile home or recreational vehicle as a place for these individuals to live. The outreach Mobile Loaves and Fishes has been instrumental in making these housing opportunities happen and Dr. Rouch has been involved with Mobile Loaves since it started in 1998.

Our patient family has also been part of several summer Fan Drives, sponsored by Family Eldercare.

Our current community effort is focused on helping to start a charity dental clinic for the residents at Community First Village in East Austin. To be part of starting a clinic to take care of the dental needs of formerly homeless individuals and the working poor would be a dream come true for Dr. Rouch and our team!

We truly enjoy giving back and supporting our community: please let us know what you’re up to and maybe we’ll join your efforts!